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We will install your IP and Analog Security Cameras, and design your Closed Circuit Television System, using the latest integrated systems at your residential and commercial sites. CCTV Surveillance Systems are now being used worldwide. People are using CCTV systems to monitor their houses, and commercial properties, to stay on top of possible crimes, and burglary break-ins. We can design and install a security system which starts recording on a NVR, as soon as the cameras detect any movement. The NVR's can be hooked up to the internet, allowing you to view your house or a retail shop, from anywhere in the world.

Installing surveillance cameras require skill, and is best done by our professionals, who are highly experienced in the field. In order to install security cameras, it is necessary to drill into buildings and walls, creating potential fatal electrical hazards for those who attempt the task without experience; so do not attempt it on your own! After the cameras are installed, the surveillance and recording equipment needs to be connected, and properly set up. This is difficult, without special knowledge; we have the resources and the special knowledge. Surveillance equipment provides peace of mind, and safety, but must be installed professionally.

“From day one, IC Realtime’s mission has been to equip its dealers with complete end-to-end systems solutions - from high performing, quality-built solutions to our ability to natively integrate with the many leading control systems in the channels today, to the best technical team in the channel. We have achieved all of this through a strong understanding of what dealers’ day-in and day-out needs are. Now we are granting the ultimate support with the implementation of this program. IC Realtime is in it for the long haul with our dealers.” -Matt Sailor, CEO

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Featured Products


Our most powerful Recorder

  • Redundant 120V power supplies
  • 4 gigabit ethernet cards
  • 16 Sata III drives with up to 128TB of storage
  • Intel i7 processor
  • 8 gigabytes of RAM
  • ONViF compatible

Channel Bandwidth:

  • 128 * 1.3 MP Cameras @ 2Mbps
  • 64 * 2 MP Cameras @ 4Mbps
  • 64 * 3 MP Cameras @ 4Mbps
  • 42 * 6 MP Cameras @ 6Mbps
  • 42 * 12 MP Cameras @ 6Mbps

Our top-of-the-line NVR is capable of recording up to 128 channels of HD video

The NVR-8128K-DR offers massive storage and processing power and is capable of recording and displaying surveillance footage of up to 4K resolution. The built-in video analytics make this a powerful unit ideal for large-scale projects that require smart surveillance

This recorder comes with a full suite of analytic detection software called IVS. The IVS system features: tripwire, intrusion, scene change, and object abandon. In addition, the system includes audio baseline detection, which means that if the audio in a room goes from normal to violent, the system can take a snapshot, send an email, or set off an annunciator or alarm device.

Application: industrial complexes, medical centers, malls, car dealerships, military bases

World’s First Immersive 360 Degree Security Camera

Record, Experience, And Share In 360º View, Save Or Stream Video Directly To YouTube

Become immersed in your images like never before. Record and take snapshots of important moments with ALLie Home. easily swipe in any direction to reveal details that other cameras would have missed. ALLie Home can be installed on your wall, tabletop or even your ceiling.

Set up ALLie Home to record in surveillance mode with cloud recording or record your latest home event never missing a moment. Stream directly to YouTube for seamless sharing.

IC My Cloud video Security System

IC Realtime’s proprietary cloud storage service offers convenience and security. You can watch your videos at your convenience over the web.
Other benefits include:

  • Secure off-site storage
  • access footage on smart devices
  • add cameras as needed
  • can be used in place of a traditional recorder
  • affordable pricing
  • Receive snapshots and alerts through your smart device when motion is detected

Crisp, Clear Night Vision In Color

I-Sniper cameras represent a whole new level of performance for night vision surveillance technology. Using a much larger sensor than standard IP cameras, I-Sniper cameras come with a massive 1.2/8” CMOS sensor for maximum

light gathering capability. These cameras will remain in color mode much longer than standard cameras and can produce a usable image in the darkest of conditions. These cameras use infrared illumination more efficiently and will deliver a brighter and clearer image without the usual nighttime flicker and noise.

The cameras also include our new Intelligent Video Analytics system (IVS), and features tripwire, intrusion, and scene change detection. With this new line of powerful cameras, you have a new tool in your video arsenal. When your application requires you to battle against the darkness, the new ICRealtime I-Sniper cameras are the best choice.


2 MP Outdoor 40x i-Sniper Laser dome PTZ camera

The ICIP-P2400 is a high performance point-and-zoom camera with super long range laser night vision. It includes high performance optics that allow for 40x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom and features a long range laser illuminator that turns nighttime into daytime at up to 1500 feet. Laser nighttime illumination is superior to infrared because it has a more effective range and almost no introduced noise, making it ideal for high detail discernment of faces, vehicles, and objects over huge distances in zero light.

Proprietary built-in video analytics called IVS (Intelligent Video Analysis) allow for object tracking of vehicles and people as they move within defined boundaries. The video analytics feature tripwire, intrusion, scene change, face detection and much more. Finally, the IP67 vandal proof housing is ready for harshest weather and is dust- proof and can survive being submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

This camera is also available in 30X zoom as the ICIP-P2300L application: Parking lots, hospitals, marinas, police stations, military bases, malls, warehouses

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